Jersey City Engagement Shoot, NJ | Claudia & Freddy

This past weekend I had the absolute cutest engagement shoot in Jersey City with one of my 2023 wedding couples, Claudia and Freddy! It was a tad bit chilly, BUT you would never know when you look at these photos.

Prior to engagement shoots and just regular photo shoots, I send over planning step emails to pick the location and outfits. I had sent over the full location guide that has 30+ locations all over New Jersey to my couple to let them choose. After chatting with my bride, Claudia, she had mentioned that she looked through all the locations and that they were definitely going to do Liberty State Park in Jersey City! Here’s her cute response on why they chose this specific location….

“We were super indecisive, but in the end, decided that it was silly to be thinking about it so much since we know that Liberty State Park is special to us. We have gone there many times at different stages in our relationship to talk and walk and so it just feels right.”

I am ALWAYS telling my couples to choose a location that “feels right” for them. Whether it be somewhere that’s sentimental to them or just a place that they enjoy going to together. This always helps with feeling more comfortable during the shoot itself because its somewhere they’ve been before. This allows them to be more open minded and not so focused on being in front of the camera. It 10/10 times helps with the overall shoot and warming up quickly! I mean not everyone loves getting photos done, but if it’s somewhere you’ve been before you feel a little more at ease!

The Location

These photos were taken at Liberty State Park by the skyline and on the pier. Below I will put Google pins of where we parked plus the spots the photos were taken! Finding locations is hard, so let me be of help for ya.

Parking Lot Location

Link to location:

Skyline/Building Location

Link to location:

Pier Walkway

No link, but it’s easily accessible to the eye!

The Gallery: Claudia & Freddy Engagement Shoot

February 22, 2023

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